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2023 China EHS and Sustainability Summit


In recent years, the most challenging issue for human society to cope with in the 21st century has been related to global climate change. China is taking active measures to bring some changes to and provide guidance to fight climate change. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in his report to the 20th CPC National Congress that we should pursue green development and promote harmony between humanity and nature. New development concepts, including green manufacturing, carbon neutrality, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainable development have been received by industrial and manufacturing enterprises in the new era.         

 In an era with a focus on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the global economic development model has gradually shifted from a model depending on energy resources to a model relying on energy technologies. Hence, global enterprises accelerate the pursuit of intelligent and green development. An increasing number of enterprises have noticed that the environmentally friendly and low-carbon transformation is closely related to their strategies and future development rather than merely a challenge. The environment, health and safety (EHS) management of enterprises has gradually turned into a competitive strength of enterprises. However, the way that ESG management helps enterprises avoid risks, obtain manufacturing technologies that will not bring negative impacts to the environment, and grab opportunities has been a big challenge faced by the professionals involved in EHS management and managers of enterprises.

The Seventh China EHS & Sustainability Summit 2023 will take place in Shanghai in May 2023. The summit will continue to carry out discussions with industry leaders and professionals in the EHS field on hot topics, including EHSS (Environment, Health, Safety, and Security) policies and regulations, EHS, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and strategies related to sustainable development, and EHS digitization and intelligence. As a platform for exchanges, the summit aims to help participants obtain new strategies, technologies, practical cases, and directions for the industry. Thus, EHS management can not only handle actual issues faced by enterprises, fulfill the needs of the current environment but also help enterprises shoulder social responsibilities and ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry.


15+Professtional Topics


Famous Enterprises

High Level Experts and Speakers


l  Designing Sustainable Business Strategy and Managing the Transformation

l  New Insights on EHS Laws and Policies in An ESG Era

l  Going Green and Staying Certified: The Synergistic Relationship Between Management System Certification and Sustainability

l  Latest ESG Policies and New Trends

l  Key Factors and Practice Sharing of RTO/RCO Risk Control

l  EHS Practice of Pharmaceutical Enterprises

l  Enterprises Smart Environmental Protection and Digital Environmental Transformation

l  Relationship between ESG, Sustainability and EHS in the Era of Low-carbon Economy: New Directions of Future EHS &Sustainability Talent Training

l  Latest Achievements and Practice of Circular Economy and Carbon Emission Reduction Strategies

l  Case Sharing of Sustainability Innovative and Achievements in Pharmaceutical Enterprises

l  EHSS Management Innovation in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

l  EHS and ESG Digitalization –Innovation and Practice

l  Experience and Practical Cases of Product Carbon Footprint in the Chemical Industry 

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